My Favorite Sushi

DISCLAIMER: I’m new to the whole sushi “world”, so I mostly eat cooked rolls.

A few months ago, I was forced into trying sushi by my best friend. A lot of my friends always talk about how much they love sushi, so I decided to try it with an open mind. I’m SO glad I did. I am proud to say that I am a sushi lover now! Now, there’s a big difference between sushi from the grocery store and sushi from a Japanese restaurant. I’m not a huge fan of the grocery store stuff, but I could live off of rolls from a restaurant. Right now, my favorite rolls are shrimp tempura rolls and bagel/Philly rolls. I know, they’re very basic sushi rolls, but they’re oh so delicious!

Now, as for the best sushi I have had…
My favorite sushi bar is about 91 miles away from where I go to school. It’s called Rice Restaurant & Sushi Bar, located in Cumming, GA. Their rolls are the best I have ever had and the presentation of the rolls is beautiful. In addition to my favorite rolls, they have different sushi specials, such as the dynasty and velvet rolls (pictured below). Their regular menu includes traditional Japanese restaurant food, but it’s too hard to go without getting sushi!

You can visit their website here!


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