The BEST Coffee in Carrollton, GA

For those of you in the Carrollton area, I’m sure you’ve heard of Gallery Row. They have two locations: one on Adamson Square and one across the street from the University of West Georgia. They have a variety of drinks ranging from hot coffee to refreshing smoothies. They also have delicious bagels, sandwiches, salads, and muffins, among other treats. BUT, my favorite thing at Gallery Row (besides the coffee, of course) is their ice cream and gelato! They have homemade waffle cones y’all! In addition to the amazing food and drinks, every month they feature local artists work in their gallery. The Adamson Square location is located about 1 mile away from the college campus, while the West Georgia location is right across the street. This makes both locations very convenient for UWG students to grab a cup of coffee and treat before or after class. Both locations offer FREE wifi, making them the perfect quiet place to study or work!

Visit Gallery Row Coffee’s website here!


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